934 Bagworks began in a green house with a purple door, on my mother's sewing machine. It emerged out of curiosity and a pursuit for better design.  


934 strives to create goods that are founded in simplicity and functionality. We make goods that make carrying the things you need to get you through the day, as seamless as possible. Our bags are made with materials that wear in with use, rather than wear out. 

934 is now a business but foremost it is an address and a story. It is a childhood home. 934 is about roots. The hope is that 934 goods are an invitation into sharing our story and becomes something that adds to your story. 


Aaron is the founder of 934 Bagworks and lives in Grand Rapids, MI, with his wife Hannah and their two rabbits. Aaron is an avid biker, coffee enthusiast, and loves adventure. Aaron's life is a reflection of his designs. He believes in living with simplicity and intent.

Winston and Clover are head of taste quality research here at 934 Bagworks. They spend their days nibbling and hopping around the studio. Winston loves eating carrots, chasing Clover and finding mischief in unexpected places. Clover enjoys long naps in the sun and a good snuggle. 

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Grand Rapids, Michigan, USA

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